请记住本站地址:http://www.602460.com EP1 "Western Pacific" August 11, 2010 Grylls is on a desert island, south of Papua New Guinea. He wades across a shark-infested tidal channel, climbs crumbling volcanic cliffs, leaps over a 100-foot death drop, and constructs a bamboo windsurfer to make his escape. EP2 "Northern Australia" August 18, 2010 In Australia's Northern Territory, Grylls must rely on many of the skills honed by the Aboriginal people to survive in this sweltering landscape dominated by crocodiles. EP3 "Canadian Rockies" August 25, 2010 While in the Canadian Rockies, Grylls is buried alive in an avalanche, swims long distance beneath an ice-covered lake, and is airvac-ed to the hospital when an icy glissade goes horribly wrong. EP4 "Georgian Republic" September 1, 2010 Grylls lands in the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains of the Georgian Republic by driving a snowmobile out the back of a hovering helicopter. He ziplines across a river, camps among wolves and trudges through swampy wetlands. EP5 "Fan vs. Wild" September 8, 2010 Grylls takes two fans into the Canadian wilderness for their ultimate survival challenge. They face their fears head on, trek down dangerous glaciers and across a frigid glacial river, build a rustic shelter, and try to swallow typical Grylls fare. EP6 "Extreme Desert" September 15, 2010 In the Mojave Desert Grylls puts himself in the path of a man-made sandstorm, takes on the full force of a man-made flash flood and HALO jump from 30,000 feet. His body is pushed to the limit as the temperature soars from minus 40 to 110 degrees. 分享本页地址给更多朋友:http://www.602460.com/kvy/76468699.html